Who knows what a reporter will ask?
We do.

A hidden pattern drives every media interview. We’ve cracked the code with the only statistically based media training model. Our reporter led workshops equip spokespeople with the secrets.

We Can Help If…

  • Your organization needs help mastering media interview opportunities, from smartphones to press conferences and everything in between.
  • You believe in the power of media training to differentiate your company and create connections with your clients and customers.
  • You want your spokespeople to stand out in a highly competitive market.
  • You want to effectively train from one to 50 participants using a proven and trusted media-training curriculum.
  • You want your media opportunities to generate leads and positive public sentiment.
  • You want to form a trusted alliance, utilizing ongoing media training for both on-boarding and future initiatives.
  • You work in an industry, such as Healthcare, Food/Grocers, Energy or Legal, with inherent risk factors or regular media facing opportunities.
  • You want to give your spokespeople increased confidence and reduce risk to your brand by engaging with the media prior to a crisis situation.

Predictive Media Perspective