Free Brian Williams…and Malcolm Gladwell

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Dear Mr. Gladwell,

Many thanks for your Season 3, episode 4, Revisionist History podcast entitled “Free Brian Williams”; this episode was fascinating for its view of the effects of time slice memory error.

Given your reaction to Matt Lauer’s interview questions and the indignation you leveled at him for his treatment of Williams, I thought you also might appreciate being freed.

3 Message Themes to Prioritize in Crisis Communication

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During a recent crisis communication workshop in Kansas City with one of our food industry clients, The Predictive Media Network’s Russ Rhea was joined by Jenny Gregorcyk from Apron Food PR. They discussed some important message themes to keep in mind when responding to a crisis. TRANSCRIPT: Jenny Gregorcyk: Hey …

When a reporter tries to get the sound bite they want

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Media Trainer Russ Rhea with the Predictive Media Network took some time during a training with the Cabernet Grill, recently named one of the nation’s best wine restaurants, to give some advice on how to handle a common journalist tactic. It’s called the “Clarifier Question,” when a reporter tries to …

Senator Ted Cruz Uses the “Keyword Trick” to Pivot from Negative Questions

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently faced some tough questions about a campaign commercial that mocks his opponent. In a high profile live cable news interview to respond, Cruz utilized a classic technique to transition away from negative questions. Russ Rhea with the Predictive Media Network explains the “keyword trick.” TRANSCRIPT …