Case Studies

Refinery Senior Staffs Take PMN’s Simulator Training

A petroleum industry client asked us to train more than 50 executives located at sites in Texas, the Dakotas, on the West Coast and Alaska. Our team hit the road using our pop-up studio gear and took executives at each of the client’s sites through full day media training and crisis event simulations. Over the course of four months, we visited six sites, trained the senior teams at each location using our predictive media interview model and worked the teams through more than a dozen interview scenarios unique to each location.

Translating Technical Talk into Viewer-Friendly Language

A high profile healthcare organization client wanted to get their doctors in front of the media on a regular basis, fighting against the competition for media spots that pop up quickly and are challenging for doctors to accommodate around patients. Many of these physicians were reluctant to speak to the media and were looking for help to ease nervousness, as well as find the key messages to relay in a simple and warm way.

When the need arose to not only train doctors at one metro area, but several of their hospitals across Texas, the Predictive Media Network team traveled to various cities and offered customized media training using our pop-up studio set. Because our curriculum emphasizes on camera practice, the doctors quickly learned what to expect and how to stay in control of an interview, and how to share their carefully crafted sound bites in a way viewers can understand.

Today, the doctors in this major Texas hospital system are poised, confident, and willing to engage with the media when opportunities arise. This has led to dozens of successful media appearances and dramatically improved awareness of the organization’s services in the community.

Police Agency’s 60 PIO’s over Two Days

A law enforcement agency in the Midwest faced the challenge of training more than 60 public information officers (PIOs). The PIO’s had various levels of expertise in front of the camera, ranging from zero past media experience to seasoned officers who interact frequently with reporters.

Our team used our step-by-step Predictive Media Interviewing model along with a number of law enforcement interview examples and case studies we had researched and captured for the session to train the group of 60 PIOs in less than two days. In that time, we emphasized message and sound bite development, on camera practice, video playback, and even role played for specific scenarios such as emergency responses, violent protests and officer-involved shootings. By the end the training, every PIO walked away with the ability to more effectively prepare for interviews and take control of the messaging.

50 Food Experts Trained in a Single Day

An international food and grocery client we’ve worked with for many years has come to depend on earned media as a key PR strategy at its more than 350 stores. The Predictive Media Network team recently supported this by organizing and training 50 certified cheese professionals in a single day. The primary focus was online blog segments, live TV spots and demonstration segments. The cheese experts knew their product, but needed help to make the most out of earned media segments.

Five Predictive Media trainers converged on the gathering to educate team members on how to position themselves as experts and give each cheese monger two rounds of on-camera practice doing mock interviews. Our trainer team also provided individual critique so each expert could understand key techniques such as how to respond to curveball and “gotcha” questions, which can come even in friendly interviews.

"The training with Predictive Media Network was top notch. The trainers were excellent with making our group of physicians feel comfortable doing practice interviews in front of their peers. Having the instruction on key techniques followed by hands-on practice and instant feedback will no doubt give them confidence to face the media."
Dan Stultz
MD, FACHE, FACP / Texas A&M Health Science Center, Round Rock Campus
"Working with Russ gave me the confidence to do a live TV interview. His patience and spot on suggestions for improvement made the interview a big success. I highly recommend Russ and the Predictive Media Network for your media training needs."
Rob Milman
MD / Austin Radiological Association
"The spokesperson training our public information officers received from Russ and Julia was top-notch. Not only were their tips and techniques practical and useful, but we appreciated the work they did ahead of time to customize the presentation and material to our industry. Everyone, from novice PIO to veteran PIO, left the training better prepared and more confident."
Shanon Banner
Manager, Public Affairs Section / Michigan State Police
"Our people really appreciated the spokesperson training. It gave us confidence to communicate our message to all sorts of audiences. Although it’s been a few years since we went through the workshop, we still go back to the principles they taught us. The training was a great growing experience for our team."
Dave Wenger
Director of Communications / McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
"The trainers were very gracious when handling feedback and constructive criticism. Being on camera can be uncomfortable for some and they made us all feel appreciated and not judged. I appreciate the techniques learned and have already begun using them on an everyday basis."
Juan Sanchez
CEO / Southwest Key
"With over 15,000 runners, a warm climate, and a challenging race, the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon have depended on crisis communication and media interview training provided by the team at Predictive Media Network for over 20 years. From arranging live shots with media outlets to preparing rapid media response to a public health or safety situation, our confidence and skill in front of the media is a direct result of the training we have received from this team of professionals. The interview and event simulations prepared us for the unique scenarios that we might face – and every year we’ve had great success and positive media coverage."
John Conley
Conley Sports / Race Director, Austin Marathon and Half Marathon 1996-2016

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