Crisis Simulation Seminar

Predictive’s Crisis Simulation Seminar is a one-day immersion program designed to improve individual skills and build team strengths. The Seminar is ideal for organizations that regularly face public scrutiny, product recalls, and/or regulatory compliance requirements associated with safety, health and environmental issues.

The Seminar is designed as a three-part program:

Pre-Workshop Survey

Prior to the Predictive Crisis Simulation Seminar, participants are asked to complete a short survey to assess three areas:

  • an inventory of possible crises your company may face ranked by probability;

  • individual mastery levels of media interviewing skills, and;

  • completion of a constructive conflicts personality profiler.

Responses to the survey will be used to construct the crisis simulator subjects. The constructive conflicts analysis is based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Model inventory and is used to help participants understand their emotional profile under stress. The survey takes approximately 20-minutes to complete.

Morning Session – Predictive Media Interview Training

In this four-hour session, the Predictive Media Network team reinforces your media interviewing and message development skills using our Predictive Media Interviewing model; the only statistically based interviewing methodology. While on-camera skills are taught and practiced, particular emphasis is placed on development and delivery of persuasive and quotable messages.

Afternoon Session – Simulator

Predictive’s crisis simulator isn’t a tabletop exercise devoid of emotions. Our simulator puts participant teams in the middle of an evolving crisis and compels participants to respond to changing circumstances as quickly as news travels. Based on the incident inventory provided via the pre-workshop survey, the simulator is anchored by increasingly hostile news reports designed to test message development and interviewing skills under time-constrained conditions. A scored evaluation is performed by our training team and used as a baseline for an end-of-day de-brief and report.

With over 15,000 runners, a warm climate, and a challenging race, the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon have depended on crisis communication and media interview training provided by the team at Predictive Media Network for over 20 years. From arranging live shots with media outlets to preparing rapid media response to a public health or safety situation, our confidence and skill in front of the media is a direct result of the training we have received from this team of professionals. The interview and event simulations prepared us for the unique scenarios that we might face – and every year we’ve had great success and positive media coverage.John Conley
Conley Sports / Race Director
Austin Marathon and Half Marathon 1996-2016

Case Study:

A petroleum industry client asked us to train more than 50 executives located at sites in Texas, the Dakotas, on the West Coast and Alaska. Our team hit the road using our pop-up studio gear and took executives at each of the client’s sites through full day media training and crisis event simulations. Over the course of four months, we visited six sites, trained the senior teams at each location using our predictive media interview model and worked the teams through more than a dozen interview scenarios unique to each location.


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