Guest Speaking & Event Workshops

If you are looking for an expert presentation at your next event, call on the Predictive Media Network. We can provide an inside look at the trends shaping the media and offer perspective on how organizations need to adapt. For conferences and special events, we offer an entertaining large group workshop filled with video examples to teach fundamental media interviewing skills.

A few conferences that have hosted Predictive Media Network include the Chicago Race Management Program, Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, National Marathon Safety and Security Summit, and the Texas Association of Bankers.

Selected Keynote Topics and Presentations include:

PR in a Post-Media Relations Era

The media has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Today, sound bites are more important that sound ideas. Jeff’s presentation tracks the de-skilling of the news media and provides audiences a research-based under-the-hood look at the formulaic approach news media now takes to news interviews that even they acknowledge exists, but hate to admit. In this session, Jeff will present his research findings, walk us through his predictive interviewing model and helps us appreciate the tremendous power and leverage we have in media interviews when we use the media’s formula to our advantage.

Use Your Words- Creating a Message Platform for Success

“Our words don’t work anymore”. That’s the problem Jeff’s positioning workshop solves, and public safety organizations across North America have depended on this content as a manual for success. By applying archetype selection, metaphor identification and platform construction, Jeff allows participants to directly apply their initiatives for immediate impact- and shows you how to replace lackluster messaging into positive public sentiment and favorable reputation.

Interviewer, Emcee and Moderator

Jeff Hahn has hosted and designed keynote and fundraising events, led leadership panels, and earned accolades for his ability to bring questions and statistics to life. Whether interviewing one-on-one or moderating a panel discussion, Jeff will help create a thought provoking and informative forum for the issues you want to explore.

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