The Predictive Interviewing Model

After years of research and analysis of over 3,000 media interviews and stories, we know:

  • Reporters ask only six types of questions.
  • The six question types are asked in a predictable sequence.

When you know the question most likely to be asked in an interview, no matter the subject, and the most likely sequence, you can successfully manage any media interview. The Predictive Interviewing Model provides a logical, easy-to-understand method for preparing for high-stakes, high-anxiety situations and has been both tested and trusted by thousands of clients nationwide.


Media Training Workshops

With our pop-up studio, we travel to your organization to provide custom crafted media training.

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Crisis Simulation Simulator

Apply our tested crisis communication model and advanced tools to prepare for high-risk situations.

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Guest Speaking & Event Workshops

For two decades, our founder Jeff Hahn has utilized speaking opportunities to make organizations more resilient, innovative, and effective when it comes to media communications.

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In addition to our three core training and educational experiences, we also offer on-site crisis support, road race guides, and invite agencies to consider our alliance program. You can contact us about any of these by using the form below.

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